Adam Lambert and Queen Tour

Adam Lambert and Queen on The Tour This Summer

Adam Lambert, Queen’s Roger Taylor and Brian May are going to be highlighted with The Queen Extravaganza hitting the road and four concerts of their own. The first one is the Extravaganza, a tribute show which is conceived by Taylorand cast via a reality show talent competition. According to Taylor this May is helping to get the production into gear. "It was sort my project at the beginning, but he’s very much behind it and he’s now climbed on board,” Taylor says. "So you have the entire clarity of what’s left of Queen, which is two people.” These two plans to introduce the nine member Extravaganza cast – Journey, Yngwie Malmsteen and Trans-Siberian Orchestra alumnus Jeff Scott Soto are included into its vocalists.

"It has been fascinating thing and a real stab in the dark, in a way,” Taylorsays of the two-hour show and this will feature 40 songs from Queen’s catalog. "I am trying to cram our entire career, in an encapsulated form, into one show – that’s why we have four lead singers, to cover that kind of breadth of material. There are a lot of other (tribute) going around representing our work; and some of them are very good.” He plans to on the road with the Extravaganza "for the first period of touring, fine-tuning it for the first number of shows.” But will not be behind the drum kit at all. "I think that’s not a good idea,” he says.

Taylor will be in Queen mode come June and early July when he and May play four planned shows with American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert. The July 7 Sonishphere in the UK was canceled, but a 30 June show date is still on and Queen and Lambert will also play with Elton John on a bill in Kiev as well as do two early shows in July at the Hammersmith Apollo to provide "some alternative… for some of the people who had bought tickets” to Sonisphere. There will be announcements of the details for the other three dates soon.

"We are really excited about it,” Taylor says. "Adam… of course he has this unbelievable range, like Freddie (Mercury) had range. Adam can really cover it. He’s an extraordinary singer and a real talent. I feel he fits into our sort of theatricality.” "We’re just going to see what happens, how well it goes, how we get on.” Taylorsays as for doing more with Lambert. He acknowledges that he and May are going to be a part of Summer Olympics closing ceremonies in London and does add that "I don’t think we are meant to say much about it yet.”

Taylor is well aware of the viral video drunken man under arrest in Canada singing "Bohemian Rhapsody” on Queen’s periphery. "It is very funny and it had so many hit. Many millions of people have seen that guy. I thought it was interesting, the fact he sang it right through to the end. I just wondered what he was on.”


Author: Rubaii Saleh

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