Patient, Eclectic, Euphoric, Addictive Love

Love is patient, is kind, rejoices in the truth, protects, trusts, hopes, and perseveres.  She is eclectic, euphoric, addictive, and captivating and everything that you want it to be.  She isn’t necessarily always fortunate, particularly when anyone you cherish is crazy about some other person.  She is wonderful when it is with a compatible person.  Love is other-person-centered It is outgoing.

Love is all about victory and it is about transforming me and not altering another person, then success is enjoyable.  She is willingness to assist in, mutually, each other with respect to individual goals and careers.  She is not a competition with one’s mate.  She can cure heart breaks, misfortune, or tragedy.  Love is a work of art.

Love is a respite from scanning the outer world for danger and our internal worlds for a sense of shame.  She is a real amazing element that can not be figured out or done thoughtfully.  She is in fact very dangerous.  She is genuine and engenders genuineness within the other.

By Stephanie N.

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