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Why is buying a website a good investment?

There are so many investment vehicles today that it is sometimes difficult to decide where to put your money to get the best return. Investments can come in the form of stocks, bonds, businesses, or even people.

When talking about buying a website as an investment vehicle, it is just like buying a business, but the website investment industry as a whole
is still fairly new, so there are less hoops to jump through to get a decent website that produces a return.

Websites can be great for long term or short term investing. The Internet is always changing and more and more people are coming online everyday. This makes this 24/7 global marketplace the largest market in the world and it only continues to grow. With a market so large and very minor barriers to entry, the Internet is a hotbed for investments that can turn huge profits in a short amount of time.

Here are the top 10 reason why buying a website make a good investment:

1. Low start up costs
2. Global marketplace that never sleeps
3. Lower marketing costs than traditional mediums
4. Free promotions (organic traffic rankings, viral marketing, etc)
5. Low maintenance costs
6. Less staff than traditional businesses
7. Can easily automate your business and receive payments from people all over the world
8. Work from anywhere!
9. Market growth – Internet has more users coming online everyday…largest market out there!
10. Potential for exponential growth in a short amount of time


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