Joker the real fact

"Joker”, the real fact!

About a week ago, James Holmes bought 6.000 rounds bullets through online. On Thursday night, while entering the Denver multiplex, he had two Glock pistols, a shotgun and an AR-15 assault rifle. James Holmes, who claims himself as "Joker” is supposed to plan the killing mission for the ­­­last few days. Even after 24 hours of the mission, it is not clear yet why he occurred the incident. The police are investigating yet about it.

"All evidence we have, every single indicator is that it was all Mr. [James] Holmes’ activity and that he wasn’t particularly aided by anyone else,” says Chief Dan Oates.

All the arms that he carried were licensed. Oats says in a conference, "All weapons he possessed, he possessed legally. All clips he possessed, he possessed legally. All ammunition he possessed, he possessed legally,”

But, it is a question yet, how he was approved to enter the multiplex with this huge number of weapons. The police have already come to learn that he became a member of a porno website about two weeks ago and he expressed his wish to occur such kind of incident while chatting with another user. He also asked the user whether he would go to the jail to meet with him. Two days ago, Holmes signed in to the website for the last time before the incident. The police are investigating more to know with whom he was chatting.

On Thursday night, he shot in a multiplex and killed 12 people while 58 others were injured. Amongst them 11 people are still seriously injured. The suspect killer was captured from the car parking lot nearby the multiplex after a few moment of the incident. He confessed the killing. The police said that his hair was colored with red, and the same color was seen on the profile photo of the porno website where he signed in.

He is claiming himself as "Joker”, but who is this Joker?

In the stories of Batman, Joker is the enemy of him who is mentally sick. Batman has to always fight hard for him. And James Holmes is thinking himself as the character of that Joker.

Soon after being captured, Holmes claims to have lots of explosive in his apartment in North Aurora. Police Chief Oates said, "Make no mistake, this apartment was designed … to kill whoever entered it,” while describing the booby traps that Holmes made in his apartment.

Holmes’ equipment was like a SWAT officer.

"In that chaos, it is quite reasonable that an officer might have confused him for a SWAT officer, a heavily armed officer who was responding to the scene,” he said. "So, kudos to my two cops that grabbed this guy and that sharp observation that they made immediately that led them to suspect him as being the suspect.”

Overall, people are hoping to know the real matter inside this incident. The police are also trying their best to reveal the real truth.

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