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I will submit your URL and your own comments to at least 12,000 + sites and blogs, you will get at least up to 2,000 + SEO Backlinks to your website or a blog, I will also Tweet to 11,000 people with your website, blog, URL, business information for $5


I will need you to provide me with the following information so I can get you one step closer to have high rankings with Google

1. URL of your website or a blog

Note: One website or a blog per one gig, every URL, website or a blog is an additional $5 cost

2. Up to three (3) keywords that’ll describe your website, blog or a business.

Key words Example: computer hard drive, computer repair, computer build

3. Your name you would like to show above the comment.

Example: Adrian; Lisa S.; YourSite.com

4. Your comment which you would like to post on "Who-Is"websites or blogs.

Comment Example: Hello, thanks for your awesome and interesting content, I came across it on Yahoo. Good quality blog, definitely will comeback and check on any of your new updates. Regards, MyWebsite.com

Note: To get more variations of your comments will spin your comment so your posts will look deferent every time your comments post on any site or a blog

Example for a span comment:

{Hello! | Hey!| Hi There!} An {awesome |amazing} content, I came across it on {Yahoo | Google | Bing}. {Good | Good quality| First class | Superior | Excellent} blog, {absolutely | definitely | certainly} will {return | revisit | comeback | come again} time to time and check for any of your {fresh | other | new | latest} updates. {Thanks, | Regards,} YourSite.com

5. Your Twitter ID with short message about your site, blog or your business

Note: Twitter only allow up to 140 characters in a single tweet with a link, therefore please count your tweet you would like to post on Twitter including your link

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