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  It Never Ends!

While in the state of mania, you will have a VERY high energy level.  It’s the manic side of mental illness.  You will feel elated, be very excitable, and over exert yourself to the point of exhaustion.  You may feel short of breath, or you may feel the house is never clean enough, or you may feel that all your errands should be run at once.  This is the mania taking over.

Mania is the feeling as though you can leap a tall building in a single bound, which is not realistic.  You are not a fictional character.  You are a person with an illness.  You need to learn to accept that.  Mania can come out in many ways.  If you feel less need for sleep, you are in a manic mood.  If you take medications for your mania, they can lessen the symptoms, but you will experience manic episodes whether you medicate or not. Medication will LESSON the symptoms, but doesn’t always take them all away.  That is why it is so very important to use talk therapy, to gain tools on how to deal with these raging and unexpected episodes.

It may come out in the form of abuse, by yelling at your family unwarrantedly.  Or, God forbid, in physical abuse at your loved ones expense.  You may feel unsupported at this point, while in a manic episode.   You may go on a rampage and take it out on your family a lot, damaging them emotionally.

You may experience a high libido, if you’re single this can be dangerous. If you’re married or otherwise attached this can be good for a relationship.  You may become promiscuous; this can also be extremely dangerous.  You may put yourself at risk for a multitude of diseases.  Try to keep yourself on the safe side of the street in your mind. Don’t be tempted by the sexual urges. Stay out of that neighborhood in your mind.  Give it a rest for a while.  You need to focus on you.   Not complicate things by sleeping around. 

At times it can feel like a roller coaster.  When you get to that top bend, it can be very exciting.  Ahh the rush of going up.  The anticipation of the downward feeling.  That tickling in your tummy.  

When you have this feeling this is the best time to write in your journal if you have one, if not try to get in the habit of writing these feelings down so your therapist can help give you tools to deal with your manic episodes.  You will have tangible evidence of your manic episode, to show to your doctor and/or talk therapist, if you do this.  It is highly recommended that you keep at least a log of you manic episodes because the doctor rarely sees the mania you experience; they only have your word on it.  They really have no way to gauge how severe your mania is if you don’t tell them.  You don’t usually feel like going to the doctor when you feel elated.  This is wrong, you are not supposed to be elated all the time.

You may feel euphoria of sorts when in a manic mode.  You may get overly happy, and present yourself as a maniac.  You are a maniac at this point and so are you. Realize this and do something about. Here are some things that you can do to remedy manic episodes:

1. Take your medications

2. Talk to you doctor about dosing issues

3. Call you Therapist; they will know what direction to point you in

4. Ask those around you to tell you when you acting this way, you will not always realize it when you are doing it.

5. Realize it on your own and apologize if you have hurt anyone, then correct your actions

When you take responsibility for your actions, and do something about them, you’re forging through to healing.  Your family, friends and co-workers will begin to trust you again if they have an understanding of mental illness.  If they truly are compassionate and truly believe in a person overcoming mental illness, then they will be open your situation and usually be compassionate.

A true manic episode can cause shortness of breath, overly exertive energy, and racing thoughts. These racing thoughts can bring you to do things that you wouldn’t normally do.  They are like a million voices in your head telling you to go many different directions all at once.  To stop it you must find a way to meditate.  Meditation is a great tool to dispel mania, as it generally puts you in a state of relaxation.

If you have had a particularly bad manic episode, expect an especially hard downward spiral, possibly into depression.  This downward spiral will bring you out of the mania. 

Mania is described in Greek terms as "to rage” or "to be furious”.  It is a severe medical condition characterized by extremely elevated mood, high energy, unusual thought patterns and sometimes psychosis.  Rapid speech is also a symptom of mania.  It is most often associated with Bipolar Disorder.

By Andrea McKinney

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