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Whether we like it or not we all have a spirit about us, it‘s our soul. This is part of what makes us human.  If you have had no spiritual awakening yet, please open up to it now. It will only help to make your life better.

Now being spiritual doesn’t mean you have to become a bible beater or even attend church on a regular basis.  You may be going through the motions by attending church, but if you are not truly spiritual in your walk with God, you will continue to get nothing out of a sermon preached by the best of preachers, ministers and the clergy in general.  

In my experience I attended church at an early age, then in my adult years I attended for a few years.  This did not make for a spiritual walk with God.  I thought that if only I gained a greater understanding of God, it would help my life.  So I sought redemption.  I took this on with a passion.  I learned much, and practiced the principles from the bible, but never truly understood. 

In Christianity, Jesus is God’s son and he was killed on the cross, his blood was shed to forgive us our sins.  We as humans are sinners as stated in the bible and our sins are forgiven if only we repent, don’t do it again and ask for forgiveness.  This is one of the only points I had grasped. But it was an answer and I felt good about being educated enough to tell it.  I have since started a practice of watching Joyce Meyer Ministries on the internet on my terms and in my time, reading the scripture in the bible and praying everyday.  I start my day out like this everyday now, and I will not allow anything to interrupt it. I have learned a lot, and enjoy it immensely. 

As I said before a walk with Christ doesn’t mean you have to become a bible beater or attend weekend revivals.  Although, if this is your path, go forth and worship to your hearts desire.  A favorite movie of mine shows how much the attending of church is a requirement in life. This is only a movie.  Your walk with Christ will be a very private one, unless you want it to be publicly known.  Mine is not a very private one.  As I don’t care if it is known,  I’m just comfortable knowing that I’m walking with Christ.

You must begin to love God as your savior and then love yourself. So how do you come to the point of loving yourself?  Well it’s simple, trust in God.  He is there for you in every moment of your life.  In the good he is rejoicing with you, in the bad he is carrying you. Think of this when you are going through your trials and tribulations.  God is there for you when no one else is.

I once had a girlfriend who turned me on to a TV evangelist named Joyce Meyer.  She is wonderful.  She teaches of the word of God and has lived a life of abuse.  She forged ahead in her calling late in life, much the same as me. But it thrived into a wonderful worldwide congregation.  If you really want the truth seek out Joyce Meyer.  You will get the point very quickly.  You can find her on the Internet, the TV, and the radio.  You can watch her daily, as I do on the Internet through a media player.

Walking in the principles of the bible is being spiritual. Following the principles of the bible is being spiritual.  As the bible was written by God’s chosen prophets, for us to follow as a guide for life. Living by example.  This is what it means to walk with Christ in your life.

There is another way to control your symptoms if you are the one with the illness of Bipolar Disorder.  Let God into your life.  Just open the door and he’ll come right in.  He’s knocking right now.  Open the door!  You can do this by going to church if you wish, but there are other ways.  You see, because of my physical disability I cannot sit in the pews for as long as a sermon takes.  So with Joyce Meyer Ministries I can watch lying in my bed with my laptop.  So I get my fill of the spirit everyday as she has a message everyday.  Not just on Sunday, or Saturday as some religions practice.

You don’t have to become RELIGIOUS!  Just SPIRITUAL!  Accept that Jesus died on the cross for our sins ask for forgiveness, don’t do it again and you shall be forgiven your sins.  You may choose to embrace religion.  This is good too.  As long as it gets you out of your flesh and into the word, and you are practicing the principles.  You will find peace.  You will have the good life that you so desperately want.  And I know that you do.  Trust in God, always, he will never take you to anything that he will not give you the grace to get through.

God wants us to believe in him.  We are spirits of the flesh and we act according to what the flesh wants most of the time.  For example, when we act out, that’s acting in the flesh, when we act promiscuously that is also an act of the flesh, we may over spend another act of the flesh.  We need to get out of our flesh if we want a true walk in peace.  Drugs and alcohol are wants of the flesh, for example.  And some of us use them to kill the pain.  God doesn’t want us to live in our flesh.  He wants us to live in his spirit.  We are supposed to emulate Him in our walk.  God is good, God is great.  So let him in and you will find the love and peace that you need.

I am new at being spiritual, therefore I am only telling you of my experience.  I am not trying to beat a bible.  All I am trying to do is show you that there is hope for peace in your life through Christ our Savior.  Before I was reborn I just listened and looked for the similarities.  This got me through it and to a point of rebirth.  I have repented and confessed my sins.  I have asked for forgiveness, I do not repeat my past bad actions (I quit yelling at the dog) and I have received forgiveness. I feel rejoice full and at peace. 

You too can experience this if only you will believe.  Let God into your life.  If Joyce Meyer Ministries  doesn’t do it for you, which I think she will, find some one else. Don’t just take my word for it. There is an abundance of resources at your fingertips from Joyce Meyer to your local ministry.  You may choose any form, as long as it brings you closer to God.

I am no longer mad at God.  I now understand that I am to write.   It is my calling and I embrace it.  All you have to do is spend time with God through one of his many ministries and believe.  

Maybe it is your calling to simply follow.  That is ok.  But, with God in your life you will be given tools to deal with it without reacting badly. You will be taking positive action to remedy your negative actions.    

So open the door to God and let him in.  And however you choose to do it, keep an open mind.  God will speak to you.  We are all given special talents.  For instance, I am a writer, artist and I sew, and I also have a talent for crocheting.  You have a hidden talent, you may have just not found it yet.  Let God be your guide.  He will show you what you are here for.   When he speaks to you personally, listen.  You can learn how to listen by praying, and worshipping with a member of the clergy. 

Seek the advice of your clergy, ask them what they think.  You’ll be surprised at how

human they really are.  They are there for you to help you as well.  They are there to guide you and help you seek God in your life.  Don’t do it for them, or your spouse, or your friends, or your family, do it for YOU.  If we only have faith and hope we shall receive.  Be a receptor. 

If you are a baby in your walk in faith and spirituality, that is ok.  You have to start somewhere.  If you are having financial difficulties, God wants us to be prosperous.  So seek help.  Do trust in God and believe.  It will get better.  There are those out there who can help. 

If you are in emotional turmoil, God will bring you out of it. If only you believe.   It can be hard to believe when in emotional turmoil. But it will bring you peace to believe and put your troubles in God’s hands.  My journey to believing in Christ has been a bumpy road, and yours may be as well. But you will receive peace if only you give it to God.  Be spiritual in all things.  And peace will be a part of your psyche. 

See, when things come up that I actually put some thought to before reacting, and this is breakthrough in and of itself, I now ask myself what would Jesus do.  We were intended to live in His image.  This is what I have learned.  I try to emulate what I believe he would do in any given situation, and it usually turns me away from reacting badly.  This is a tool, that I have learned from reading the bible daily.   

I’m not trying to be a preacher by any means and as I said I am not suggesting that you become a religious zealot.  However spirituality is a necessity of life in order to maintain peace.  You will find peace if you allow yourself to let God’s words in.  Look at it this way, you’ve got nothing to lose.  So why not?  Give it a try.  You may find that you truly enjoy and look forward to the ministering that you receive every day.  And you don’t have to do it every day like I do.  With Joyce Meyer, she has a message every day, but you can pick and choose which messages fit with you personally.  Each person is different.  So I do not expect that all will follow the same way.  Just that they follow and allow God to work his miracles in your life. 

I have to tell you a little prayer story.  Not too long ago, I was going through my worship

routine.  When it came time to pray I prayed with a vigor.  There was something different

about this time though.  I asked God to make himself known  to me, to show me his presence.  I told God that I loved him and I received his blood for my sins.  I then open my arms to receive his love. While I was laying there I actually felt his hands in mine.  Holding my hands.  I cant get down on my knees and pray.  It hurts me. So I lay in my bed and pray, everyday. This was so moving to me, the touch of his hand that I cried.  The way I see it if I experience emotional feelings while praying or in a sermon, that’s God working through me.  That is when I need to listen.  I now feel His hands in mine frequently when I open my arms and pray.  That’s receiving the Lord’s blessing.  And actually knowing when it happens to me. 

I cannot determine what your path will be.  Whether it is with or without God in it.  But I can influence you by my words.  And I encourage you to just give it a try.  We all have to do the footwork, like reading the bible, listening to preaching of those qualified to preach, and praying.  Sometimes it means bankruptcy for financial difficulties, sometimes it means divorce from a bad marriage, and sometimes it means simply getting

some exercise that you normally wouldn’t.  The point is to take charge of your destiny, you have to let go and let God.

Also the evil that goes on in your life is simply this.  The Devil working his ways on you.  So don’t let the evil in.  Get the tools given by God and use them to fight off the evil. Do not allow the evil to take over your life.  In the case of this book I mean the demons that haunt you like the plague.  Your actions, like acting out, and the symptoms that you so desperately want to control.  

As a child you were either brought up by the word or not. Some of you experienced the sort of teachings, like me, making it unclear.  Whether you are devotedly religious or you have not let God into your life yet, your childhood is gone now.  You must decide who will control your fate.  God has a plan for you.  And it is a good plan.  The devil wants to rule over you.  This means that the Devil has to work harder to beat you down, that’s why he hits you so hard sometimes, because he has to work so hard to take you down.  God’s plan is the one of peace and love.  The devil is under your feet.  You can stomp the evil out.  It’s up to you to decide which path to take.  Acts of the flesh are you sinning and acting as the Devil wants.  A life with God in it is a life of love and peace indeed.  A life with the devil in it is a life full of strife and hate.  The devil is the enemy.  So don’t let him win out over God in your life.  Which will you choose?

Understand that when I speak of the Devil I mean the evil in your life.  Your negative actions, the vicious words spoken, the manipulative practices that you may have acquired, the lies.  These are but a few examples.  But, you must be mindful of the fact that you must take responsibility as well.  So follow Jesus and the evils in your life shall disappear as the bible says. 

Remember that the devil lives UNDER our feet.  Therefore he can be crushed.  But you must take responsibility for your actions and understand that not all the bad in your life is caused by the Devil.  You have a hand in this too.  So take charge, don’t let the Devil in and live righteously.   The bible says the Lord will stay with you as long as you stay with him, but if you forsake him, he will forsake you.  So don’t set up camp in the enemy compound.

Don’t be afraid, God gave his only son for your sins, when you go through troubles and deep waters God will be with you, when you go through rivers of difficulty you will not drown if only you will let God in.  When you walk through the fire of oppression you will not be burned up.  Don’t be afraid, God is always with you.  All you have to do is take action.  He created us in his likeness.  We are supposed to believe to receive.

The Lord created the heavens and stretched them out to become earth and everything in it, this is what the bible says.  The Lord gives life and spirit to everyone in the world.  The Lord said to his prophets, takes my messages to the masses and deliver the word of God.  These are scriptures taken straight out of the bible.  I believe they will be helpful in your walk. Believe in God our creator and you shall receive peace.

Do whatever YOU think is best because he did give us choice and free will as well.  So use it to your advantage and you shall be fruitful in you endeavors.  The ability to reason is our downfall at times, it can cause us to be confused.  I believe that within reason we can overcome the devil and live a happy life by the grace of God in our lives.

We all have angels watching over us.  Some may be in the form of a loved one who has passed, or another you may have known.  Some may be in the form of a cherished friend.  These angels are God’s guardians.  They protect us from evil and help in times of need.  Whether you believe in angels or not they are there. So be relieved in the account that angels watch over us everyday.  One of my personal favorite passions is collecting angel figurines.  I have many and continue to collect them frequently. One of the things you can do is take up a hobby of collecting something, whether it be angels or rocks, this shows that you care about something and helps to decorate your home.   It also shows God that you care about something other than yourself.  God doesn’t like arrogance.  Remember, the meek shall inherit the earth.

The Lord comes to everyone in different ways.  So don’t expect what works for your neighbor to work for you.  Take your path and go with it, as you will.  But go with it.  Bring God into your life on your own terms so that you can gain a clear understanding. If you bring the Lord into your life you must take responsibility for your own actions.  Even if you don’t bring the Lord into your life, taking responsibility for your actions will set you free. 

Everyone has a fundamental need to be loved.  If you need love in your life, God will provide that for you.  If your marriage isn’t working pray to God for guidance and listen.  If you’re abusing drugs or alcohol ask God for guidance, and for your own sake stop, right now, just stop.  Get whatever help you need and STOP!  Again you are only self-medicating.  It helps no one.  You will receive the love that you crave, as we all do, when you reconcile your wrongs.

Seek God and expect him to do something great in your life. Everything that a man has the capability to do, God has put in him.  It’s a little gift from God to you.  When you put your feet on the floor say a little prayer and expect something good to happen everyday.

So take this as you wish and do with it as you wish.  It is meant to give you a simple understanding.  Not to confuse you.  If I have confused you, I apologize; maybe with God in your life it will make some sense. 

By Andrea McKinney

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