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Article Submission and Your Benefits

Benefits you will receive when you submit your articles on YoubulkSmart.com 

You will have an opportunity to contribute your facts, information and skills with our daily visitors when you put forward an article, it will help to build your name and recognition. Published articles help get your name out

Your article can and should include a short bio and an active link to your website. This gives you a valuable link, which enhances your site’s search engine rankings. It will also send highly targeted traffic (visitors) to your site. Think of your article as a full-page "AD" on our website. Well-written article can generate great interest, attention, notice and awareness in you and your website. Terms for Submission an Article


Viral marketing:

RSS can be a gold mine. RSS feeds are so popular in our time that you can gain an astonishing amount of traffic by simply submitting just one piece of writing to YoubulkSmart.com. You make public one article to YBS directory and that same article can begin appearing on countless other websites. This technology is called RSS (Really Simple Syndication). The power of RSS is simply remarkable. There are many large websites that can post your article on their websites, resulting in a overflow of site visitors.

Boost your individual and business credibility and celebrity as a publisher as a writer:

Publishing your articles on YoubulkSmart.com increases your reliability and begins the trust cycle with your circulation. For many authors, being listed with YoubulkSmart.com is an exceptional way to get on track, especially if you are eager to be a published writer.

Fetch traffic to your website:

The distributing of your piece of writings results in allowing everyone to read it, his alone gives you an chance to pick up big business that you couldn’t even begin to market for. Now the potential for business executives to be swayed by your writing ability and buy your product for their business to use is unlimited.

Produce sales and leads without having a website:

Even if you do not own a website, having an article on YoubulkSmart.com can act as your website. Just make sure your article is well written and doesn’t sound too commercial. Your article can be an illustration of your business and can embrace contact information like your email address to allow likely customers to reach you. Again, make certain you have completed your bio to let people know who you are.

Enormous exposure to millions of YoubulkSmart visitors:

The millions of visitors who visit YoubulkSmart.com every month can view your articles. Once you get one reader, you can convert him into a fan by posting additional articles on YoubulkSmart.com

Reach the unreachable:

Submit articles to YoubulkSmart.com and reach those clients who you couldn’t reach before. The more excellence articles you have, the more likely those readers are to come to your website. We don’t remove articles that have been submitted to YoubulkSmart, which means that your articles can carry on to bring traffic to your site for years to come. Your articles may be picked up and reprinted years later, as the potentials are endless.

Join one of the fastest rising sites on the web:

YoubulkSmart.com grew fast just last year! That means more readers for you and more opportunities for publicity. 

Become part of a vast group of people:

The YoubulkSmart society is very helpful and assorted. Your audience can easily reach you, without you giving up your privacy. 

Start submitting your articles on YoubulkSmart

YoubulkSmart do not charge for article publication or pay for content submitted. We run advertising on our site to help us keep the site running free of charge.

Read Your Terms for Submitting an Article


Contact Article Submission Department 

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