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Waiting For Another Nadia Comaneci

Romania, a country that is successful most of the times in the history of Olympic women’s gymnastics. The women gymnasts of this east European country have won 21 gold medals but in 1990 the sum of the allotted money and remuneration in the field of gymnastics suddenly got reduced. As a result this field faced a lot of problems. Lots of gymnasts leaved this field. But nowadays, this field is being woken up again. The women gymnasts have promised to get their form back. They are quite sure to do something good in the upcoming Olympic in London.

This year in Brussels European Championship, the women gymnasts of Romania won 4 gold medals out of 5. This success is inspiring them again to do something good in the upcoming London Olympic. Coach Octavian Belu has told about the winning of European Championship that it was just a preparation for the London Olympic2012. And they have now only one aim, to bring out the success in the upcoming Olympic.

Nadia Comaneci, a woman gymnast of Romania achieved the honor of being the "Magical Ten” for the first time in the history of gymnastics. Following her footsteps, the present women gymnasts are getting ready to bring out success once again. They are now confident about their performance.

During the autocracy of 1989, lots of good coaches moved to other countries in search of good amount of money and the good gymnasts also stopped playing gymnastics. But nevertheless, some patriot coaches and players stayed in the country and kept coaching and playing. But, the number of gymnasts in Romania is still very little. There are only 250 gymnasts in the whole country! And amongst them, only 3 women are fit to play any international event like Olympic! As a result, the coach of this country is really feeling very sad. Nevertheless, he is trying his best to bring out the success from these 3 women in the upcoming London Olympic. And he is hopeful too.

The people of Romania are also hopeful about their women gymnasts’ success in the London Olympic. They are inspiring their gymnasts each and every time. The media is also playing a vital role to inspire them and besides, the government of the country is also assisting them in every step. Recently, they have been provided with some modern facilities. The gymnasts are also happy for the assistance of the government. They are now concentrating their game whole heartedly.

Overall, it can be said that there would be no matter to be astonished if any record is made by the Romanian women gymnasts in London Olympic this year. Now, it’s time only to wait for the Olympic of 2012. And, the general mass is hoping to get their Olympic dreams come true through their women gymnasts.

Author: Rubaii Saleh.

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