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Lighthearted Gags Galore - New Girl

Lighthearted gags galore

A socially awkward girl catches her boyfriend cheating on her, moves out of their apartment, replies to a newspaper ad for a roommate and moves in with three boys! Meet Zooey Deschanel aka Jessica, the New Girl. Having seen the promos for quite a while, one could dismiss it as just another sitcom. In fact, there has been an influx of new sitcoms of late which don’t really work with viewers. Some get the hype while others chug along and eventually fizzle out. However, the premise of this sitcom is simple- a single ditzy girl moves into an apartment with three regular guys, Nick (Jack Jonson), Schmidt (Max Greenfield) and Winston (Lamhorne Morris) and thereafter, comedy ensues. The guys go about trying to make her feel at home and comfort her after her breakup so that she can get her life back on track. In the process, she helps them with some girl gyaan,about how to score with the ladies.

Jess plays the character of a quirky yet cute elementary teacher who avoids confrontation and hence always finds herself in awkward situations. An unusual personality trait she has is that of bursting into a song at the drop of a hat! Nick Is a law school dropout turned bartender who has also gone through a recent break-up. Schmidt is the douchebag of the group who is a skirt-chaser and spends most of his time walking around without his shirt and Winston is a competitive basketball player who joins the gang from the second episode. The show also has a recurring character, that of Cece (Hannah Simone) who is Jess’s friend and a model with a tendency of falling for bad guys.

The first season of many TV shows generally have the actors establishing their onscreen characters, before other subjects are tackled in subsequent shows. But having said that, the pilot episode was hilarious. The writing is sharp and witty and makes effective use of punch lines without being clichéd. The spoof of the legendary Barney Stinson of How I Met Your Mother in the first episode was hilarious too. The pilot features only two out of the three boys and will see the return of the third roommate in the second episode. But the show clearly belongs to Zooey, with the other characters playing off her, as a supporting cast of sorts. What this means is, if you don’t like Deschanel, then you might not like the show itself. But she is entertaining nevertheless. The (500) Days of Summer actress has come a long way and has good comic timing. The male cast is good and hopefully will see their characters fleshed out more in future.

The series has a lot of room for growth, and at the moment, possesses a lot of potential, given that it is sometimes hard to make people laugh and comedy shows either work or do not work. There is no middle ground. This one works. And while New Girl doesn’t explore virgin territory, it certainly delivers the goods.

Verdict: worth checking out. An entertaining 30 minutes with some really funny moments.

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