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Tiger Woods’s Former Swing Instructor Unravels

Tiger woods’s former swing instructor unravels the mysteries behind the golfer’s greatness.

Hank Haney’s book, as its title suggests, is mostly about the six years that the spent with Tiger Woods as the golfing great’s swing instructor. Unlike the details leaked before the book was published (which portrayed Haney as someone violating the sanctity of the teacher-student relationship), the book is neither salacious nor malicious. What it does, instead, is present a clear picture of an intensely private and a behind the scenes account of what goes on in the mind of a champion and what it takes to work with one. On that basis alone, The Big Miss is worth a read for every golf fan.

Haney, a Texas based golf instructor, has provided great insight into the day-to-day life of Woods. Haney was the only person, apart from Woods’s close circle of friends, who spent time with the champion for the major part of the year (close to 200 days). He would even stay at the golfer’s home for around 30 days a year- which gave him glimpses into Woods’s personal life, and time with his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren.

Haney marvels at Woods’s strength- a single minded dedication to be the best in the world, his bloody-minded drive and passion for the game. Despite being a relentless worker at developing his game, Wood’s relative lack of gamesmanship, rudeness to those around him and frugality in everyday decisions made things difficult for Haney, who met him as a junior golfer for the first time in 1993. Woods was sullen and a little rude, but fascinating nonetheless Haney says and goes on to talk about Woods’s quest to become the best.

The respect the author has for "the best golfer ever” is apparent on several occasions. "Nicklaus (Jack) might have the greatest overall record, but no one ever played golf as well as Tiger Woods and no one has ever been better than his competition by a wider margin. He’s the greatest,” Haney writes.

This same fascination has led to many journalists coveting interviews with Woods, and all of them being turned away by a man who zealously guards his privacy. This is why Haney’s documentation of the champion’s life, problems and faults make it easier to understand how a golfing legend revered as a deity (before the 2009 scandal that wrecked his life) can make the wrong decisions and fall from grace. 

This book will undoubtedly be very much helpful for the readers and fans who are keenly interested to know about Woods. His dedication to the game must teach something new to everyone. And through this book, Haney will undoubtedly introduce himself as a writer too! The readers who read this book have already appreciated his writing style. And we are pretty sure, you will love Woods more when you have read this book and known something more about Woods.

So, why more waiting? Just go ahead for this book and know Woods more well.

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