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Inner Changes Bring Outer Changes

The quality of your life depends to a large extent on the quality of your inner emotional and mental life. If you are lazy, worry too much and afraid to try new things, you stick to the same spot. If you are not afraid to change your thinking, your life will soon change accordingly. Your habitual thoughts and the content of your subconscious mind determine your behavior and the way you act in the world.

When you change the way you feel and think, you ultimately change your inner vision, actions and behavior. This causes your outer life to change accordingly.

Let's now see a few examples!

If you are the worrying type, you are probably afraid of changes, and prefer to stick to the same kind of life you well know. You see other people who attain success, and though you wish you were successful too, you do nothing about it. In your mind you see yourself living exactly as you are living now, and find it hard to imagine different circumstances. It may never occur to you that you can visualize a different reality.

In this case, your way of thinking limits you. You constantly see in your mind's eye the same daily reality, and consequently your conscious and subconscious minds stay programmed to experience and attract the same kind of reality.

Suppose you come to understand and realize that your outer reality is shaped to a great extent by your inner world. This realization will cause you to aspire to a better life. You will start to envision the kind of life you want to live. If you keep thinking and visualizing a different and better kind of life, soon these thoughts will sink into your subconscious mind and motivate, inspire and energize you to take action.

The new thoughts will cause new expectations, and change the way you view the outer world. The inner changes in you will gradually affect your outer life. Your behavior, and the way you act will change. You will have more energy, ambition and inner strength. You will get over your fear of change, and be ready to take action to change and improve your life, in accordance with the changes inside you.

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