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Will IPL Bring Any Change In Indian Film Industry

Indian Premier League (IPL) started few days ago and the entire nation is hooked to it. IPL has a great popularity amongst the people of India. Besides, the people of its neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Srilanka, Pakistan are also great fan of this cricket league. During the season of IPL, most of the cricket lovers enjoy all the matches of this league.

Besides Cricket, it is well-known that Indians like films very much. So, in this IPL season, two questions may rise easily and they are, is IPL deterring filmmakers from releasing their films? Is the immense popularity of IPL decreasing the popularity of films?

The answer is a big NO! The list of films, awaiting release, in both Bollywood and Tollywood, is pretty impressive. During this period of time, Bollywood is releasing almost 20 films of big budget. Some of them are Housefull 2, Hate Story, Vicky Donor, Dangerous Ishq etc.

Along with Bollywood, Tollywood is also releasing some films of big budget. Some of the films are Laptop, Hemlock Society, Jaanemon, Le Halwa Leetc. are notable. Besides these films, there is a huge number of small budget films waiting to be released.

Everybody knows that Cricket is like a religion in India, but nevertheless the filmmakers are releasing films in this season. Isn’t it a risk? Then why the filmmakers are taking this risk?

Trade expert Taran Adarsh says, "Look at Housefull 2, it has already managed to have a superb opening. Films will always have an audience. Yes, I agree that audience will be devide, but overall, there is no need to panic.”

For the last few years, Cricket of 20 overs brought a revolutionary change in the Cricket world. It got a huge popularity amongst the young people. But it is really surprising that film industry is not influenced by this yet.

Director of the film Hate story says, "There will always be an audience for films. The hype around IPL is predominantly created by the media. People, who want to see films will always watch them, come what may. Even Housefullreleased during the IPL and it did fare well.”

The Tollywood films waiting to be released are creating hype too. Actor Prasenjit comes back with a masala entertainer. Le Hawla Le of Raja Chanda is going to be released very soon. And director is quite confident about the success of this film. He says, "Just because there is IPL, it doesn’t mean that we won’t release our films.”

Director Bappaditya Bandopadhyay is also confident about the success rate of the films. Especially he talks about the small budget films. Famous distributor Arijit Dutta says, "There are people who do not watch the IPL, they will favor films. You don’t expect everyone of them to watch IPL.”

Overall, according to the specialists, we can say that IPL will not influence the film industry at all. And so, the directors and the producers are releasing their films without any question. Now, it is time to see how far they can go.

Author: Rubaii Saleh.

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