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Natural Beauty Tips

Natural Beauty Tips

Beauty is what everyone cares for. Everybody wants to look beautiful. Now-a-days we use various things and take a lot of methods to become beautiful. Today, we are giving you some natural beauty tips. Hope these will be useful for you.

Wrinkles are very unpleasant what you don’t want to have. If you sleep on your back, you can prevent many wrinkles and breakouts on your face including your cleavage area.

If you become angry, it will take away from your beauty now and will result in more wrinkles later.

Try to wear less make-up. It will help you to look younger.

As long as the bra straps stretch, tighten them. If they can’t be tightened any further, buy a new bra to keep your look young and perky.

Tight clothes will make you look heavier. Even too-tight jeans can help a girl to bulge over.

You need to exercise while you diet. Otherwise your skin will become larger (saggy) for your small body. It is very, very difficult to tighten your skin after your body shrinks than as you normally are.

Rinse your face in cold water to close the pores and tighten your facial muscle after you wash your face. Instead of cold, fair-skinned people should use cool water.

Good posture can help you look much slimmer.

If you wear a low heel, it will help you to get better posture than wearing flat shoes.

If you wear very high heel too often, it will give you, instead of a feminine rounded calf, a masculine muscular calf.

To keep your nails from discoloring, put on a coat of clear nail polish before a colored polish.

Dip your fingers into a bowl of ice-cold water, if you are out of quick-dry spray for nails. Do not touch the sides of the bowl and you will have your nails dried very quickly.

You can renew your thick nail polish by adding a few drops of nail polish remover to the bottle.

Put a thin coat of Vaseline inside the lid to make a nail polish bottle not get stuck to its lid.

You need vitamins and minerals for your health and beauty. But excess of anything is not always better. Hair loss can be caused by excess of vitamin A or Selenium. And surely, you do not find yourself beautiful with hair-loss.

Try to clean your hair brush often with dish soap and borax. Add half cup of borax and a few drops of liquid dish soap in a dishpan of hot water. Swish the brushes to stir, rinse, and let it dry in air. Scrub any tough spot with a used tooth brush.

Your hair conditioner can be used as shaving cream for your legs in shower, if you are unhappy with it.

While shaving you should not stretch your skin or you could make ingrown hairs under the skin grow.

Instead of shaving, try waxing.

Drink plenty of water and sleep at least for eight hours every day. 


Author: Rubaii Saleh.

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