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Signs and Tells on How to Know if He Likes You or Not

How can you tell if a man likes you is the main question arising in a girls mind. This mystery is seen to be unsolved in many cases. Internet is the main source to meet some one, which is helping a lot in this regard. You can find many articles and books which can let you know on how to notice if a man like you or not. There are different ways to tell, depending on their personality, boys can be hard to predict at times, but to find out truly if he likes you or not, isn’t  that hard. There are noticeable signs will be presented to you by guys. In this article you will discover some signs and tells about how you can perceive if a man likes you. We will talk about tips that can help you to determine in an easy way if a guy is into you or not.

All men are not created equal and as such it’s sometimes very hard to tell what some men are thinking while at the same time others are more than willing to share what they feel. If you happen to be involved with a man who is tight lipped about how much he cares for you, how can you tell what he’s feeling? There are actually several signs that indicate that a guy is falling for you. Certainly guys can be diverse in many ways but certain basic means will stay the same. Then what if you are not aware to these secret language, ever? How will you know? Just read through the following piece and you’ll have your answers.

Men are indeed interested in a woman if he asks her friends about almost everything about her. First they will ask your name, then if you’re single, then where you live at, and so on. Since friends love the excitement of gossips, they will tell you and your entire group of friends about that certain happening. The male species can be put in two categories, the shy guys and the normal guys. If you’ve been out in clubs or active in the dating scene then it’s quite easy to pick up on these small gestures. But if you haven’t, here’s a fast walk through on the signs for which you should look out for. You can tell if a man show his affections based on different body language, in words and by his proceedings.

Acknowledge to your self whether or not he listens to you when you speak. That is an animalistic eminence and most of us are so uninformed of our need to exist and develop that we go all the way through our lives reacting not enough and with no reason. What I am trying to say is that man desire a female who is rising and certain of herself because he in return will expand mentally and emotionally also. Let’s be sincere here… we are human beings, and we live in a world that runs in cycles. We are born, we live, we change to our surroundings and achieve success, or we fall short and go under the surface into a dark or emptiness. Men are very territorial, competitive individuals who take an interest in things that may be potentially harmful to their level of confidence or their safety.

If he is playing some games with you and asking you for a date and then completely blowing you off, then I advise that you step away from the love games right away. This is not going to get you anywhere, and it’s only going to further confuse you in reading him and his intentions. Yes, you are a girl and you may enjoy attempting to gain the unattainable… but, if you really can’t attain him then you are discouraging yourself, and your self esteem in the process of doing it. If you told a guy you went on a ski trip on Friday and you talk to him on Monday and he is asking you questions about it, there is a good chance he is interested in you because he is taking the time to remember details about your life from the weekend which means you were on his mind those days.

For many women the question of how to recognize if a guy likes you or not is one that actually keeps them up at night. It is something that will have them waiting by the phone for a text or by the computer sometimes for an email. Be honest with him and ask him up front, "why have you been ignoring me?” If he tells you then you have your answer. If he acts like everything is okay, and he continues to ignore you then he may simply not even take an interest in you. He may not have enjoyed the date that you guys went on.  

Pay attention how he talks to you but often stumble around you, this is most likely and usually happens when a guy meets a woman he likes, he is nervous and will occasionally stutter this is not because he is not confident but he is simply nervous around you.

Another way to understand how to know if a guy likes you or not, is to start paying close attention to what he talks about. This can be pretty subtle but it’s very telling. If your guy is always talking about himself and his own life when you two are together, he’s way more into himself than he is into you.

When a man begins really liking a female, and it’s nearby on falling in love, he can’t get enough of a woman. He desires to know the whole lot there is to know regarding her. If your man is always asking you questions about what you like and don’t like, how you’re feeling and what’s going in your life, he’s crazy about you will gain knowledge of how to tell if a guy likes you by paying more attention and be more aware for the actions of guys around you.

There maybe a guy who is often opening a door for you to let you pass first. This is a small way of possibly being able to tell whether a guy likes you or not.

Continuing on with how to tell if a guy likes you the next thing you want to pay attention is touching. How often and where does he touch you. It’s ordinary for a guy who likes to stay in contact and touch your hand, back shoulders, cuddle with you and so on, but you would get a smaller reaction from shy guys.

One way to figure out how to tell if a guy likes you is when he will usually tell someone about you, this individual could be an associate, co worker or common friends. He gives off the idea that he is just bring up the topic casually in any discussion. But in reality he says this in hopes of the conversation being told to you so that you two can meet up and go on a date.

Basically, what can easily make you understand if a guy likes you is his total boy language. There are some guys who are very shy and can’t easily tell about their feelings to you. You should try to understand their signs, some feelings or desires are expressed by each movements of their body and you can get their feelings by just reading these body language. Most guys don’t know the way to express their desires. In most cases, it is the girl who has to understand all this by their actions and reactions, reading him like a book commonly call learning a body language, you have to look out for his body signs and signals, one of the biggest signs is if he’s nervous around you. If a guy is nervous around you, he just likes you a lot! Just speak to him extra and more often then he’ll start to loosen up and show his real self.

Woman all would love to know how to tell if a guy likes you. Men are something of a confusing puzzle to us at times, what they say doesn’t always bond with what they do. A man might inform you that he’s crazy about you but yet his measures advocate he’s just not that into you at all. Let’s say you are at a party or at a club how can you know which of the guys like you? Perform a simple test, look around the room and see who is looking back at you, are they smiling? And with this small test you can filter out potential candidates. Now if you’re not out in a club or such and there aren’t too many people around all you have to do is watch how he acts, and how he talks. Although not all age groups are defined in the maturity and listening department, the guy who is worth your quality time will be able to converse and listen to what you have to say. If that’s not enough for you, then you probably shouldn’t be getting into a relationship anytime soon.

Trust your instincts to the fullest and if you ever get strange inner feelings while talking to him like a small tingle in your stomach, after he says something cute or funny .If you get this feeling for a moment, then something tells you that this guy might like me. Maybe you know that this guy has liked you for some time now, but all of a sudden he is acting disinterested in you in a relationship that you may have just started. Even though he may be acting disinterested in you, you should take a closer look at yourself and how you are acting towards him after he’s made the first move. If you are being too forward after a guy has made the first move then it’s a major turn off. I can tell you that even if men wanted a woman to express her emotions, it’s out of desperation that a woman would be so pushy for a relationship or the next date.

Something that every woman enjoys and wants more of is being liked by a man. We as humans should know that it’s important for us to be liked and loved by others and the more people like us, the better we feel about our selves. Find out the way how to tell if a guy likes you can be the tricky part, there is nothing worse than thinking you like a guy then going up to him engaging in conversation and being rejected. The feeling of hesitation, negative response and rejections hits us and effects of its impact are felt long into the future. Guys have their own methods and ways of communicating themselves, even though they might not be as open and verbal as females, they likely to do something and speak in a way that someway masks the way they really feel.

Being liked by a guy is enormous feeling to experience. A casual discussion can turn into a enjoyable and exhilarating bond between girls and guys. It all starts with conversation and even if discussion is very imperative to both of you, However,  what is much more significant is knowing he likes you so that you will not be experiencing the difficulty of rejection. Being rejected is an extremely difficult feeling for some people that lasts for awhile and makes us feel no being good enough

Another action that can give answers to your question is an eye contact, this sign is important. A guy who adores you will certainly love to watch you endlessly for long hours. If you notice a guy looking at you without your notice, then you can without difficulty say that he likes you. One of the strange but true phenomena is when guys will let you know by their body language that they are into you. If they like you some of the things they will do are sitting next to you and look straight at you when you speak, they will stand close to you without making you uncomfortable, etc.  If you have the an instinct telling you that this guy is showing an interest in you then you are probably correct, unless you are totally unintelligible when it comes to behavior analysis. Then again, there are men who have only an attention in playing games and doing so only because they get pleasure from it. If you are looking for some probable and potential partners to get in a long term relationship with, then you must be going through a very distressful stage. Finding a partner for your self is very tricky in times and it is a blessing if you can locate one who secretly has a crush on you. This will make things a lot easier for you since you can approach him knowing that he has a soft spot for you and so, there will be no fear of rejection. 

Men are interested within communicating with ladies particularly during night time. It’s the moment when you will find exciting topics regarding the two of you in order to chat about. Man will generally ask about your entire day and the unforgettable occurrences that happened during the day.

If a person likes a person, he will end up generally sending text messages every time to get your focus, writing messages are usually mainly regarding love or even relationship and it expresses his admire regarding communicating with a person via text messages. An ordinary person won’t send a person good evening or hello emails. The greater text messages are usually directed by a person, this conveys his passion as well as care towards you.

Many men feel shy within expressing their own real thoughts and fillings towards you. Therefore it’s necessary for girls and woman to understand the actual symptoms associated with the one who likes and loves them. You need to see and understand if a guy is actually drawn towards you and you will also tell him your thoughts about him by sending some indicators.

If you follow your heart and few signs and tell properly, then you will surely know how to tell if a guy likes you. It’s not rocket science after all, and you as a human being have the power to change and to attract the perfect guy to your self

By Stephanie N.

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