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Another Year


Today I realized that another year had gone by

I tried to recall the events and sighed

The winter nights are so cold

It’s the beginning of something that’s told


Us to be inside day and night

To avoid the chill in the air and the birds flight

Then you are amazed at the spring flowers

And the children playing for hours


Then summer comes along

And with it brings a special song

You will be happy during the long days

They will make you feel special in everyway


When the heat of summer has past

It’s time for the fall at last

The turning of the leaves will almost make you cry

Because it is so beautiful to the eyes


Then winter comes again

To bring the year to an end

It’s hard to believe a years gone by

You may even want to sigh


A new year brings hope

Something many need

So embrace the time you have

For it’s where God plants his seeds


To bring fresh ideas and new days

No one but God could make the seasons change this way



By Andrea McKinney


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