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Christmas Cheer


It was a chilly winters day

The leaf’s had fallen

The season had changed

And you will be telling


Your loved ones how much you care

Because Christmas is here

And you will have good cheer

Because its that time of year


It’s the birthday of our Savior

And it will take away your fears

Because its His birthday and He really shows

That this time of year


Is His time you see

You should all be rejoicing

Because Jesus will be

Singing his praises over all who are here


We will be reminded

By the commercial scenes

That Christmas makes all the people

Feel happy and want to go on a shopping spree


Carolers will be singing

The carols that they know

They will be bringing

The cheer because they show


How beautiful it is

To sing in the snow

When it is Christmas

They will know


How much cheer they bring

With joy by singing

Then they will go home to their family

Because it is where they


Need to be this time of year

After they have brought cheer

Then everyone will see

The excitement the children will feel


When they wake up Christmas morning

To presents under the tree

They will spring into action that will make them happy

They will be laughing and spreading


Joy and cheer because they got what they wanted

Santa Brought them their toys

Things that make them feel

Happy and full of joy


By Andrea McKinney


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