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Around Love


Two special people meet

They like each other it seems

They ask each other the things

That they need for singing


The song of love

Because they have

Made a connection

And it’s an addition


To the feelings of being lonely

After being single

So they are now happy

Because they have mingled


Then they fall in love

Just because

They were meant to be

It is plain to see


That they belong together

And they deserve each other

So they can be

So happy


Then they get married

It’s a glorious day

They are not sorry

For marrying this way


They now want children

To fill their lives with joy

They may start with a kitten

To play and bring them toys


For practice of taking care

Of another one that they love

They will treat their

Kitten and they will not shove


The feelings of belonging

That they will get

Without for longing

They will sit


And wait for that baby

To come into their lives

And they are maybe

Just a little shy


About learning the ways

That their days

Will be filled

To the gills


With love they will grin

For they are gonna win


By Andrea McKinney


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