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My Son


It’s a special day

That he could come to me this way

He is all mine

Because I have spent the time


While I was pregnant

To learn what to do

When he gets here and

He will bring new


And much joy to my life

And I will smile

At his little beginning

He is now crying


Could he be hungry?

Or maybe dirty?

He needs me

I want it to be


So special between us

So that we can share

A mother and son

Relationship and build his home


To be loving

And special to be

The important thing

That will make him sing


Now he’s grown

And on his own

He’s off to college

Because he’s done with rummage


That comes when

You sit and spin

In your life

That will only bring strife


I’m so proud of him

He is my only son

And I love him so

That he will always know


That he is important to me

That you can plainly see

Because he is now

On his own and plows


His way trough

To get to where he knew

He would get someday

In his own way


He did it

And I’m so proud of him


By Andrea McKinney


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