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Colorful Blooming Roses


When you see the rose

On the vine it tickles your nose

Then you can put it in your vase on your table

You can always count on its beauty to make you feel stable


A rose is a gift from God

Its beauty can’t be matched

It will be for not

If you do not pick the batch


Of roses that have bloomed

And appreciate their beauty very soon

You will smell the aroma

Of their fragrance and have


A taste of color to make your home

Feel loving and warm

For all who come

To see the roses that you filled your arms


With from your rose bushes

So that you could

See their beauty before they’re lost

In the rain of winter that should


Show bare branches in the rain

You will see your roses again

When the spring comes around

To bring their bloom and not make a sound


You will be able to see them grow

From your living room

So don’t be too shy to show

Your love for roses in full bloom


You will see them again come next spring

Then you can show them off again

And you will enjoy

Their beauty because it brings you so much joy


That you can share

You can show that you do not have a care

In the world to hold you

From seeing your roses in full bloom


By Andrea McKinney


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