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I made a small sigh

Because I felt like a little cry

It wasn’t a bad day

There was no reason to feel this way


So I let myself go

Only God knows

What made me cry

And what I can try


To make the feelings of sadness

Go away for today

I will address

The things that made


Me cry in this way

Because I want to say

That I feel pretty good

It’s not understood


Why I had to have this cry

Today of all days

When I should be happy

To just be me


So sometimes when I cry

I do not feel sad at all

It can be that I will try

To be happy as I call


My friends  to try

To tell them about the things

That have made me

Happy enough to cry.


I will rejoice in my gladness

And share my happiness

With all who will listen

To my short spin


On the things that I find good

Enough to cry over

And find a kind word that stood

Through this silly mood


By Andrea McKinney


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