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Fallen Leaf


Its that special time of year

Where all the leaves fall like a tear

They change colors

Then fall down from the tree and cover


The ground that is around

Their base, as trees are sound

They are so beautiful

It’s so sad to see summer go


But the time comes every year

That the trees change color and spear

Each eye catching gaze of the passer by

You will be amazed at their beauty, you may even sigh


When it’s time for the colors to change

Fall has begun and the same

Will happen next year at this time

You will see leaves fall and make God shine


By his artwork of nature

And the feeling of peace

You will always feel sure

That life is a seed


That is to grow and change in color

When the leaves are all gone

The bare branches will be sore

And you will see how God is prone


To making natural art

Out of each season

He sends us change that is a part

And the whole reason


Is that we should all be able

To see his glory

And stand stable

Each and every morning


So don’t be afraid

Of a little bit of change

It is nice to see

God’s artwork in a tree


By Andrea McKinney


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