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Angels Wings


An angel made a sigh

Because she felt a little shy

About her task

As she made her sash


She thought about the way things were

And wished they weren’t sad

The angel was lured

By her white wings that flap


When she flies by

The sweet little girl

She made a sign

To show that she would be alright


So the angle flew

To her spot where she drew

Her strength and power

To promote each sewer


Of sin and prayer

She waited patiently

So that she could have a layer

Of peace within her wings so lightly


Her white gown flowed in the wind

And her wings flapped as she flew to the next

Person on her list to send

A special word of rest


She wanted to see

  What would be

If she made a few suggestions

You only need one


Wish to come true

To believe in her

And feel protected

By the angels wings


 By Andrea McKinney


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