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Special Friend

You can say that a friend is nice

But you will always have a little spice

If you let an animal in your life

 To watch over you and your strife


 They will stop you from feeling lonely

 And wanting to be away

 From them only

 Because they are there to stay


 An animal will brighten your day

 They will always be there to let you say

 That you love them no matter what

 And to see to it that you are not in a spot


 Of being alone and not able to soothe

 Your feelings of loneliness brought on by humans

 They give unconditional love to move

 You deep within so all you have to do is send


 Them a piece of loving kindness

 When you respond with sweetness

 They will purr and cuddle

 And make you forget your muddled


 The life that is making you

 Feel so blue

 They will fill your cup

 When you need to be lifted up


 They will put love in the air

 When they are near

 You will need no more

 Because your animal is on your


 Best friend you see

 You can just be

 When you are with them

 And they will tend


 To treat you with love and win

 You over as you treat them with

 A love every spare moment

 That you have to spend


 With them in your time

 You will find

 That they are the best

 Friend you could have


 By Andrea McKinney


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