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Inner Beauty


Sometimes I think I’m ugly

Sometimes I hope I’m beautiful

God tells me that I am not ugly

God made me beautiful


Sometimes I want to just die

About this I cannot lie

But I have to be strong

And wait for the next song


For someday I will be at peace

And find my way

For one day it will seem

That I have had my day


Sometimes I feel like I can climb the mountain

Sometimes I feel like staying in bed

I wish I could drink from the fountain

And love life instead


I have such ups and downs

Sometimes I feel like a clown

I have my highs and lows

I know that it shows


If I give it enough time

I know I will find

That life is a gift

I must do something with


So I will wait for that day and not fret

I will have faith and knit

A sweater of sorts to keep me warm

A blanket to give to someone


I will find a way to fight through it

I will not let me get to it

I promise to stay in this world

Until the day that God calls me with his word


To Melinda


By Andrea McKinney

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Comment By Mark Vanderwood - Sat, Mar 10th, 2012 4:58 AM
I like it. very honest.God will answer you.Be faithful. Be hopeful.Read Galatians 5 : 13 - 26
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