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Abused Children


The life of a child is full of innocence

As adult children of abuse

We were robbed of our childhood

And treated like refuse


This is to the adult children who received

The abuse inflicted by the one

Who was suppose to be

The loving one and will not be saved by God’s son


If they do not repent and ask for

Forgiveness in their hour

They will not receive the will of God

In their life they will be like sod


To be walked upon and ignored

As we were treated in our youth

They will be treated just as bad

They will never see their proper use


So take solace dear child of God

That there is one who cares

When you seek him

And don’t leave scars


Of your own on your children

Please don’t commit a sin

Love your children, as they are a gift

Treat them as special and never miss


A single moment of their lives

Or you may see that you will live strife

Be good to one another

Be great to your brother


And to those who refuse to acknowledge

God will deal with you in your time

So repent those of you

Who have beaten your children and ruined their soul


They will cry and not understand

Why you must make your point with your hand


By Andrea McKinney

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