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Today I feel like I can reach the sky

I only want to fly

Tomorrow will be another day

I hope I can ride this episode out today


My thoughts race of many things

They race so fast like I’m on a swing

That’s what bipolar disorder is like

One day you’re down the next you spike


A feverish pace

To make the space

For that new machine

You bought but don’t want seen


For it might show

That I am in trouble

I don’t want that to be seen

So I will hide the bills so as not to be


Seen by my spouse

For I would be in the dog house

But I keep on spending

Not thinking at the speed


Of light as a manic person can be

That swing is in constant motion

One day up, the next like lotion

Slippery and wet, hard to notion


So today I will get the help I need

And treat those around me

With respect and pleasantries

For this is my life flying through the trees

By Andrea McKinney

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