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Most Needed

All my friends have deserted me

Like leaves that have fallen off a tree

My co-workers don’t like me

My boss may just fire me


My family runs and hides from me

I simply want to be left be

But God says we are to fellowship

So I’m going to plan a trip


Where I will meet people who need my help

This is what I have felt

For such a long time

It’s time for some wine


To break bread with those afflicted

Is my mission today I am being tested

I will not sin and will obey

His word and share like a tray


I will learn the verses and speak from the mountain top

About a way to make it stop

I promise you the reader

That I will be God’s preacher


For those who say they need help

I will be there for them, to teach themselves

How to live on their own

And love the Lord

And to live by His sword


I make a promise to you to help

I say I will do it myself, but only with God’s help

I am crippled you see, but I can work myself

So put your sorrows on a shelf


And learn of the beauty the Lord will provide

The Lord will always be by your side

By Andrea McKinney

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