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Panic Attacks



I cannot breathe

I cannot believe

The fear I feel

Is it for real?


Terror strikes me unexpectedly

Fright takes over immediately

It is from nothing of this world

I try to act regular and follow the word


But it does no good

And I need to be understood

My doctor says I am imagining it

I may just throw a fit


These feelings of fear I feel

Are not for real

I fantasize that I am regular

And that I don’t go for the jugular


Of those who don’t understand me

And make fun of me

They just don’t see it

So I stay in my house and I sit


Afraid to go outside

Afraid of a landslide

Irrational fears this I know

But I feel them and I will show


The doctors by writing it down

And not show a frown

When talking about it

I will be brave and not just sit


I will be proud and never regret

I will not fear and never fret

I will seek treatment

This I will do for me as my commitment


I will face my fear and come out of my house

I will tell my friends and even my spouse

That I have an illness and if they don’t approve

Then them I shall remove


To get better is my dream

I may not show it, it may seem

I will show those who despise me

That my fears are gone and I am free


Of fret and worry they will see

And if they still don’t understand

I will make a stand

I will not be the old me


This they will see in time

After my therapy and adjustment of my mind

I will get better this I know

I will get better this I will show


By Andrea McKinney

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