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Everyone has a creative side.  It may not be a big one but you have it.  You just have to find out what it is.  So in this article I will give you some ideas of how to bring out your creative side.

Let it be noted that I have accomplished my creative side by writing this article.  But I do have other talents.  I can draw, and paint from those drawings, and use plywood to make lawn ornaments with my jigsaw.  I am good at woodworking.  I am good at painting.    I still have those talents.  Recently our pastor at church told the congregation that he wanted us to paint a wall in the sanctuary.  So I drew and painted an angel.  I thought that was an appropriate painting for a church.   I will pick it back up again when I get the space to practice it. I have decided that I would like to take up photography next; I’m really excited about getting started on that.

You see I take plywood and draw a figurine and cut it out with my jigsaw and then paint it.  I attach a post to stick into the ground and presto a new lawn ornament.  I have made a Santa and Reindeer, an East Bunny with large eggs, a Santa card holder, Candy Canes to decorate the walk and much, much more.  Now the Santa and Reindeer are to fly through the air, so they have hooks attached to them to hang with bailing wire.  So as to give the illusion that Santa is taking off from my house. 

I am a poet as well. Writing has always been a way of communication as well as art for me.  Sewing is another hobby of mine.  I sew Christmas ornaments and customized Christmas stockings.  I mostly sew with felt.  I make quilts out of squares by sewing them together.  My sewing machine is down at the moment so I can’t do any sewing at the time being but I will once I get the room for it and the desire returns. 

Crocheting is also one of my crafts.  I have made blankets out of yarn.  I have made stockings out of yarn, and I have made doilies.  Although I am not as good at this as the painting and drawing, but I can still do it.  So I do. My son has a wonderful talent of drawing.  He used to draw the most intricate characters.  I hope he finds joy in his drawings when he eventually has time for it again.  He’s in college at the moment and working full time.  I’m very proud of him.

Another type of hobby is collecting things.  I collect Angels, Fossils, Fish, and toys for my dog, he, he, he.  I used to collect animals.  My sister does collect animals, cats to be exact.  Collecting can be fun in that it decorates your house as well as satisfies a need in you. 

I also collect shoes, not that I need more.  But I like to have a pair for each outfit.  It’s ok

to do this, if your budget allows.  So shop to your heart’s desire and get those shoes to match every outfit you have, if you can.  This is primarily a girl thing.  But men can have shoe fetishes too.  They like to look good too.  So why not, don’t be afraid to reach out to our feminine side, men. 

So try your hardest, wrack your brain, and find a hobby.  It is important to have one to keep your mind occupied.  Guys you may find pleasure in remote controlled cars and airplanes.  They are a wonderful way to spend your time.  These can run from $300 to $1,000’s of dollars.  Depending on how involved you get.  But if you like racing, an RC car is a great way to pass the time.  They can be very entertaining.  This hobby also helps you to socialize.  You get to be around people with similar likes.  This is a good thing for you.  Instead of sticking to the standard summertime activities, try to open your mind to a greater plain. 

Beading can be a fun hobby.  Making jewelry helps with your fine motor skills as well.  Also you will get a thrill out of what you made.  Some will be beautiful, others will be ordinary. But the main thing is that you did it yourself.  You can be very proud of that.  it will help to build you self-esteem.  Jewelry, if you are good at it can become a source of income as well.   My friend in Canada is very disabled, but she is also very talented at making jewelry with beading.  She is part Indian, and she is very good at it.

Home improvement can be a very satisfying hobby.  It not only builds your muscles but it increases your home value.  Meaning you will benefit financially eventually when you sell.  Note that your work will only produce a profit if you sell.   If you do not sell you get the benefit yourself.  This may make your spouse happy as well.  Creating a more loving relationship.

Bird watching can be a very interesting hobby.  Taking pictures of your sights validates your interest.  Birds are a beautiful way to become one with nature.  You can go to a park and bird watch or you can just go out into your back yard.  Get a bird feeder and see how many different kinds of birds come to you.  Humming birds are especially neat, in my opinion. They are so delicate, and they are so precious, that I love them and always try to have a feeder close by that I can see from inside my home, through a window.  It’s so relaxing to watch them.  My step-mother loves humming birds.  She has a few feeders, because she has a particularly large amount of humming birds that frequent her feeders.  They have the feeders just outside their bay window.  It’s really a neat sight to see all of them competing for food.

Photography is another wonderful way of expression.  You can create beautiful images with photography.  Capturing nature at its finest, or your children as they grow.  You can also turn this one into a business if you are good enough.  Photography is an art form.  Take pride in your pictures if you choose this hobby.  They are the world through your eyes, and you are a beautiful person on the inside and out.  So show it through your photography. 

Collecting movies is always a good one.  You can watch your favorite actors and actresses at their finest through your collection, at your will.  You will be able to view your favorite comedy’s, romances, drama’s, romantic comedies, thrillers, and action packed movies you want to see.

Finding a hobby will be a way if caring for yourself.  It will show those around you that you are feeling better if you have been sick.  Set aside time for your hobbies.  And make sure that you practice them on a regular basis.  Be honest, you need time for yourself.  Be honest with your family members and friends about this alone time. Although socializing can be a hobby too, a lot of hobbies are done alone.  When I say this I mean I play at a gaming site as a hobby, in this gaming site there are chat rooms.  Socializing can be a hobby.

But a lot of hobbies are done alone.  Or with a trusted friend or family member, such as a church quilting circle.  Where a bunch of ladies get together to make quilts. Meeting at a prearranged spot, usually at a home of one of the quilters, or at a church.   This can be a wonderful way to get your socialization in as well. This also is a way of letting others in. 

Volunteering is another way to get yourself out of a funk.  Businesses need help from volunteers all the time.  I used to volunteer at a local charity until my symptoms took over.  Then I volunteered at another.   They even hired me but promptly fired me 1 week later.  I did let it get to me for a while but I now understand that it wasn’t meant to be.  Find a church to volunteer at.  They will be grateful. 

Finding a hobby helps you keep you focus, and not dwell on the bad things in your life.  It will help improve your fine motor skills. It will only help you to get a hobby and stick to it.  You may not feel interested at this moment, but think about it and give it some time. You will come up with something eventually. 

You may choose woodworking, or may be sewing, or may be fixing up old cars.  Always be supportive of others hobbies.  No one can take away anything you have in regards to creativity, without your permission.  So if you are around someone who is unsupportive you need to re-evaluate your situation.  You need encouragement. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself before you choose a hobby:

1)   Do you enjoy working with your hands?  Everything from sewing to fixing up cars can bring you great satisfaction.  Think back to when you were a child, what was your favorite play toy?  Whatever it was, you knew that working with your hands brought you joy, so use it, re-open the door to it

2)   How much time can you spend?  One of the great things about a hobby is it gives you something constructive to do with your time.  Perhaps something as low key as reading can be your hobby  

3)   Try gardening, this gets you outside and into the out of doors for fresh air, this can really raise your spirits if you choose this hobby

4)   How much money can you spend?  This will have a great impact on which hobby you choose.  However, there are a great many hobbies that are inexpensive if you are on a tight budget.

5)   What is your passion?  Do what you like to do.  Find something that brings you joy.  This is perhaps the hardest question of all.  Everyone has a passion for something.  Find yours and run with it.

6)   Do you like spending time indoors or outdoors? Indoor hobbies can have several advantages such as the weather doesn’t affect it.  Or a spare room can double as your workspace.  Outdoor hobbies can bring you much joy such as restoring an old car or the RC car racing I mentioned before

7)   Do you want a hobby that you can do with others or by yourself?  Having a hobby with others can be just as fulfilling as doing a hobby by yourself. You are the only one who can decide which way to go

Hopefully if you ask yourself these simple questions you will find a hobby that suits you.

A satisfying hobby is one that fits both your personality and your lifestyle and one that is affordable.  It should also be within your abilities.  For instance, if you are not good with working with wood, don’t choose woodworking as your hobby. Look in your back yard, there are endless possibilities in your backyard, if you have one.

If you are having trouble finding a hobby, a kit may help you.  I’m talking about a model car or a paint by numbers art work.  If you ask yourself the, afore mentioned questions you should have no trouble identifying what hobby suits you best. 

If you enjoy animals, raising animals is a great hobby.  They give you back the love.  Making your hobby a breeding sport of such can bring lots of joy into your life.  I own two pugs.  With the pugs, a lot of people like to have more than one in their family.  They are such an affectionate breed and they have such great character.  My father used to breed Pomeranians. 

Working out or just taking a walk can be turned into a hobby and it is good for you too.  You will find that you can take your walks with your dogs (if you have one), or a friend adding to your socialization.  You will find new friendships in working out at a gym.  This also helps to build your self-esteem.  As well as keep you healthy.

So go for it, dream big and build yourself a tree house for the kids.  There is great satisfaction in a hobby that your children will enjoy.  Your children will thank you for it and say they have the best mom or dad ever, boy what satisfaction is there in that.

In your search for a hobby always remember not to overwhelm yourself.  I did this and it made my hobby work instead of fun.    Always pick a hobby that brings you joy.  If you pick a hobby that is enjoyable to you, you will find that you will not get depressed.  Hobbies bring us joy.  We need joy in our lives.  I challenge you to find your hobby.  Find one that will be fun to you.  

By Andrea McKinney

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