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Bonded Hands

The rain is falling on my head

It is really time to go to bed

I think I will do

Something for me and you


To just show

You before I go

Just how much I love you

And I never feel blue


When you are around unless you fall asleep

In our room while you are talking to me

It’s ok though I understand

Your illness has taken your hand


Please understand that although it has been hard

I have made it, even while playin cards

My friends that I have made

Make me so happy and they play


With me to cheer me up

All I want to do is put

A little thought in their cup

About the way I feel when chatting and stuff


So listen up my new found friends

You mean so much to me, I tend

To laugh out loud when you are near

And play fun games, and whisper in your ear


When you see that butterfly fly by

Think of me and I will be

By your side when its time to sigh

And you will see how much you really mean to me


As you mean the world twice over to me

I just can’t express just how much, you see

But it’s more that you can even imagine 

I love you all with such passion


You give me hope in times of trials

You give me grace when I need a hand

You would walk a mile

I know this, it’s your stand


So I believe in you

Because you believe in me

And I would like to thank you

As you all have helped me

By Andrea McKinney

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