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Finding Beauty


I find beauty in the spring

I find beauty in my child’s laughter

I find so much beauty in life it makes me sing

I will be this way up till the here after


When I reach that time

The beauty I am sure to see

Will be in heaven and time

Will as I know cease


I must find the beauty in others

And bring them to laughter

Being happy is my quest

And I shall do my best


To make you laugh at your lowest time

I will do my best my dear friend

To see to it that you do not pine

For life of fear and do tend


To laugh at all things

No matter how bad you feel

And make you sing

When you feel fear


When your child spills the milk don’t fret

It is simply that the table is wet

Make it fun and play like a puddle

Don’t get mad and muddle


When you feel down

Don’t show a frown

Smile through it

And make it a habit


Learn from your mistakes

These you will always make

And they will teach

You to learn what of what I speak

By Andrea McKinney

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