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Dream Small Dream



Dream a little dream for you

Dreams are your pathway to be true

Whatever you do to dream

The sky is the limit it will seem


Just like the bird that flies

Make your dreams reach the skies

Take your dream to a new height

Make you dream see light


Let them fly in the night

Let them fly in the day

Always say you have sight

Always have your say


You are the bearer of your dreams

They come from you in your life

So make them reality for your sake

And always remember they can be made


To resemble anything

In your dreams

You must always make a dream

To make it happen for anything


Have a slumber party, be a kid

Have some cake and just sit

Have some ice cream too

It makes you feel so good


Take your dreams to your path

And make your dreams do the math

You’ll be happy you did

Go ahead behave like a kid


Dream a little dream for you

Always be true to you

By Andrea McKinney

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