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CHRISTmas Love


I made my list

I checked it twice

I tried to remember

If I had been naughty or nice


I had waited a very long time it seemed

To reach this pinnacle of my life

It is so nice now to be

In love and share this season and gleam


To all my friends who I care for so much

I must tell you that I love you all

I want the CHRISTmas touch

To reach each and everyone just this once


To help all to feel the full love of the season

Of course the full reason

For the love of our savior

Who gave all forever.


We are here to celebrate the love we have

For each other in life and in our hands

We share our time with one another

Happy to laugh, play and run for cover


When the snowballs fly because winter is here

And the snowman’s are near

We will all be together to see this year

That the love and the grace our Savior is here


So when you are eating that CHRISTmas ham

Potatoes, green bean salad and yams

Say a prayer for our soldiers and

Hold those close to you near


Because Santa’s coming and it’s that special time of year

Love those close to you, and hold all those dear

Jesus loves you and me through anything

And we are to sing.


Enjoy your time, with your family and friends

Love those close to you, hold their hands

Take your looks, stay close to those who mean the most

To you and yours


Hug each other this time of year

Hold each other everyone who is dear

Kiss under the mistletoe

Because Jesus is love and special doves with bows

By Andrea McKinney

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