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So you just got your paws on a brand new glossy iPad 2? It is only inevitable that now you are willing to purchase doubtlessly the perfect iPad 2 case for your new device. Apple has been urging its buyers to purchase a smart cover for their device along with their new iPad 2, all the same the smart cover doesn’t defend the underbody of the iPad 2 device and leaves it unprotected to grunge, dust and anything else that is dirty

Now what are the alternatives you can choose from? That is a good question. It is obvious that your new device requires care and protection and selecting the best iPad 2 case is utmost important, so let’s have a look at the different kinds available.

Marware MicroShell Folio for iPad 2

The Marware MicroShell is an improved version of the Smart Cover. In terms of design you will hardly be able to tell a difference between the two covers from the front nevertheless the backside of this iPad 2 case is of hard shell, giving a bang-up protection.

It can be folded up in to a stand and also offers front and back protection against abrasions and minor impingements. It has added grip due to the rubber used on it.

Cygnett SecondSkin Ink for iPad 2

The Cygnett SecondSkin is the only silicon iPad 2 case which is designed to defend your device from shocks and if you were to drop it. On the rear you can observe a hexangular pattern provided.

It would also be nice if you were to purchase an Invisible Shield to protect your iPad 2 against sand and other dust particles.

Hard Candy StreetSkin For iPad 2

If you want ruggedness then rugged is what you get, the Hard Candy StreetSkin for iPad 2 is quite plainly to the highest degree the only rugged iPad 2 case you can purchase at this time. It characteristics are a thumping 3mm of shock absorbing TPU rubber firmly places at the corners and edges.

The design of course is not the one that you would choose for fun and style; however it will surely attract the likes of those who have to do heavy work such as construction work.

Griffin Survivor Case for iPad 2

It is the only sole iPad 2 case that claims that it can even withstand a drop from 6 feet high in the air. It is claimed to stand firm against sandstorms, heavy rainfall and other heavy impacts. This iPad 2 case has trialed and attested to reach the requirements of US Department of Defense Standard 810F and UK Department of Defense Standard 00-35. 

There are various other brands out there developing new cases for you to shield your shiny iPad 2 with. The above mentioned iPad 2 cases are basically our favorites as they can be used for easy daily-use and are the ones that are affordable and suitable for the layman. Best of luck with your new iPad 2 case!

 By Amna Amir

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