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Every Way Pain


I live in pain each and every day

When will it end I often say

With God on my side I trust

That I will recover, I must


The emotional pain is just as bad

And it makes me very sad

To be a person going trough the pain

Each and every day


I hope you will learn something from my plight

I will continue to fight

For a life of good and crush evil

I must simply take my prescribed pills


And talk therapy works wonders

With these tools and God by my side I will not flounder

If slip back into my past actions

That I sought to many times with a passion


I will count my blessing each and every day

I will continue to seek God and pray

That you will receive the peace that I have

And you shall experience calm in your hand


Please take my words to heart

And you too will begin to part

With your old ways

Each and every day


May your life be blessed each and every day

It is God’s plan to live with and pray

I am in hopes that you will find your way

And never let anyone treat you this way


So take my words and always believe

That one day you too will seek

The love of God in your life

And you will not have to live in strife


May God bless you in every way

For this I will pray


By Andrea McKinney


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