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Do Not Hit Me


I am but a child

I wish I could smile

You hurt me everyday

I didn’t have a say


I have no control

Of the things you have stole

From me in my youth

You were supposed to sooth


Today I can see

That I am a lively being

I am aware that you are sick

You couldn’t help it


So I will forgive you on this day

And finally have my say

I will have the power to say no

I have the power to know


My past is over and it lies

Beneath the rubble of the lies

Of the abuse that I received

But I will conceive


An idea of self-worth

I cannot be angry it is not my curse

I will live a good life

And my children will strive


I have stopped the abuse

And will conquer not muse

I am self-conscious and full

Of life as my rule


So when I remember the bad times

I will also remember the good times

As well, in my life I will be a blessing

To those who lived the same


By Andrea McKinney


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