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Mental Illness Stigma


They cheat me out of regular treatment

Why must they do this

They say, why don’t you snap out of it?

When they feel they you are in one of the


Episodes that come and go

All I want to do it show

Them how I can be good

God I wish they just understood


It makes me cry when I think what I have done

Only a few will not get shunned

I can attest to this as I had a friend with an

Understanding husband


He treated her with respect in spite of her actions

This is what should be done to hold on to satisfaction

But sadly many won’t receive this treatment

And may actually commit suicide, because of this kind of absent


Minded, unbelieving, personal actions to themselves

We feel irrational, and put on a shelf

We spin in circles in our minds

Not knowing what we will find


The regular life that we crave

Is in the distance like a surfers wave

We feel that we are discarded

Rarely getting the proper treatment


My wish for you today

Is for you to stay

Around for awhile

And just see what is to come and smile


Because it wont always be this way

You wont always be treated with dismay

Just hold on tight

It’s a bumpy ride


Love the ones who love you

You shall see who

Understands and will

Tolerate you are ill


By Andrea McKinney


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