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The Pain

The Pain


I live with pain everyday

I live with pain in everyway

It starts in my head and travels to my feet

Even the slightest movement, like a heart beat


Will trigger the pain in my body

In my soul, in my mind to the point of excruciation

I must live with this pain and I wish somebody

Could take it away and bring me salvation


My prayers have been answered

As I have been saved

The pain persists, but I am able to transfer

The feeling and sensation to

A place that I know to be safe and secure


With God in my life I live in less pain

Emotionally that is as I will not be vain

He is our savior our love our trust and our hope

He washes our feet with his blood like soap


For he died on the cross to forgive us our sins

And I believe whole-heartedly in Him

And I have been forgiven for all I have done

And you will too if you believe in Him and his Son


My soul has been restored I have forgiven

The anger put to rest, no more Devil will win

I will behave in the word

As it says in the bible

And participate everyday like a small child

 Believing in His revival


You too can have this gift my friend

If only you will confess them out loud

Of all your sins

And ask for forgiveness from God


I wish you the best and hope for your relief

In whatever situation you are in and the power you need

Please let the Lord in

He will forgive your sin

So believe my dear friend

 By Andrea McKinney


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