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Rapid Cycling Episodes

Rapid Cycling Episodes


I am so confused

I feel as though I have used

Up all my chance cards

This is so hard


I want the help and need it desperately

Therefore I will seek treatment for my illness immediately

I will shower myself with good and stay away from the bad

As I am going to survive and others wont, this is truly sad


The mood swings only confuse those around me

They do not know that I have empathy

They think that I am a raging lunatic

This can be true at times but I am sick


I feel as though no one understands me

Like a branch that fell off the tree

And is left to rot on the ground

Until I came to understand and found


The treatment that I need

This I will stick to you see

As I want to get better and be of service

And be given a simple chance


To be the person that God wants me to be

This is what I will seek

And follow the directions of those in my care

For it is only fair


To those around me that I do this

In order to heal and feel like a fish

Out of water, as I cannot breathe

At times when I am in need


So I will heal, this I know

From the lessons I have learned and have been shown

I will practice my newfound knowledge

And pass it on to those like a college


By Andrea McKinney


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