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Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder


I feel crazy at times

Nothing seems to matter in my eyes

Those around me don’t seem to understand

So I sit in my world, never taking a hand


Alone and afraid I am scared most of the time

My demons tell me to wait until I find

A peace of serenity in my world

I sit alone and afraid and I live by my own sword


On the defensive, never accepting help

From others who just want to see the way I felt

They just don’t understand is what my demons tell me

And I listen to them and I cannot see


How this is affecting those around me

So I sit in my world afraid and alone

Until the day comes that I must see

I will get the help that I need


One day I will get the help I so desperately need

Today it is only a seed

But tomorrow is a new day

And I feel that I can say


That I will be fine

If I can just find

The way out of this maze

Sometimes I just feel crazed


Please help me I say

So my demons will go away

By Andrea McKinney


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