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Am I Bipolar Today

I’m Bipolar Today


I sit under a cloud today

I don’t understand, is this my way?

Other days I run around doing everything I can

Never stopping, feeling like I’m walking in sand


This is the human condition of manic/depression

I live with if it everyday, it’s my mission

I believe in the Lord and his grace

I hope the next move that I make


Will be a good one but I don’t know

To those around me I will someday show

What I truly am and we will see

What life will be


I am so confused and so are you

So I work even harder just to prove

That I am worthy of your acceptance

Will you ever understand my circumstance?


Please forgive me my wrongs

I hope and pray for a song

That will relate

To my fate


I am Bipolar to the point

Of total confusion in all my life

Those around me just stare and point

And I live my life in total strife


One day I hope to see

A cure that will help me

Until that day I will simply pray

And to God ask and say


Oh please God take this away

Make me whole for another day

Please help me fine just one way

To make It through another day

By Andrea McKinney

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