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One Clear Summer Day

One Clear Summer Day


On a clear summer day

Two friends chose to play

They lay in a field

Talking girl talk which was a shield


The wind blew lightly

Their friendship grew slightly

Each and everyday

It was just this way


The brook that passed by

Was babbling to the girls

They said with a sigh

"I am glad for these frills”


The sun beat down on their faces this day

And they were glad to have their say

It was warm and soothing

Nothing could be more moving


As children they thought

Of the days when life brought

Adulthood and family

And the joys that would simply

Share days and nights

In their hearts and their sights


They were happy to just be

It was God’s way you see

For these girls to take a break

From the childhood life will take


Their hopes for the future

Were to raise babies and nurture

 And have husbands who cared

Not be shy with their fares


It was a bright sunny day

And I must say

In the end these two girls

Will have peace in their worlds


By Andrea McKinney

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