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I fell down and bumped my knee

I went to my mother so she could kiss me

She smelled so nice with her perfume

It was so soothing to be with her too


She takes such good care of me

I am happy to have such a wonderful mommy

We spend time together as we play

She always lets me have my say


She’s the best mother a mother could be

Because she’s my mother you see

I have no other mother but the one

And it may be wondered why she always comes


Its because she loves me and takes good care

I can only say I love her, need her and share

With you the feelings of love that I feel

When I’m with her, no matter what the deal


So, here’s to mothers on their special day

They are always there for us in their way

They treat us with love, kindness, and I am pleased

To say I love you Mom, you mean the world to me

By Andrea McKinney

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